Wednesday, 10 August 2011


Recently a uncle of mine died in pretty tragic circumstances. He had cut himself off from the rest of the family and basically drunk himself to death at the age of 52.

He was profoundly dyslexic, he had trouble at school from the age of 14 and rarely attended, he was an very good artist and a brilliant carpenter. When I was clearing out his flat it was very odd to see many wonderful vases and paintings and not to find any written material, no books, not even a newspaper.

He had numerous jobs, from working the rigs in the north sea, construction in Germany to working the summer in some very nice hotels, he an exceptional cook. He was a bit of a drifter but was never without money, or the ability to get money.

I went to his council flat soon after his body that was lying there for three weeks was removed, it was not something you wish to do even if you are prepared for it as I was by identifying him prior to going to his home.

What I recovered was around 20k in cash savings, and around the same in value in antiques and a life policy and funeral cover, amongst absolute deprived squalor.

We his family are all at a lost to understand this, he seems to have chosen this when he had the ways and means to choose something better, but he did not. His mother has been spared the details it was that bad

It seems to me that his home really was his castle, speaking to the warden about his final years she told me he was always clean, tidy and polite but abjectly refused to allow anyone into the flat. So too his neighbours who told me me much the same thing.

A few years ago I was called upon to demolish a house that was a drug den. Most of the house was utterly vile except when you found the metal fortified room in centre of the house, which was basically what rich people install into their mansions, a panic room. Even equipped with its own plumbing and plasma TV. A perfect castle surrounded by rats, used needles and rotting dog and cat corpses, probably fodder for the pit bulls.

I think my uncle had the same idea, for the ultimate in privacy and freedom wrap yourself in poverty. I am not saying that Poverty is not real, it is. But its causes are much less economic as the Left wish us to believe. Money and resources only solves some problems, some of the time and often generate new problems. The real problems are cultural, social and health related and at the end of the day you only need a roof, heat a bed and chair and 2500 calories a day to live, and I suspect many people are well capable of choosing just that and not a lot more.

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