Monday, 13 August 2012

Abide with Us

So there we have it after first seeing the Munich 1972 Olympics as a little Kid, then watching my fellow Hallamshire Harrier club mate win gold in Moscow, Ive always wondered what an Olympics In the UK would look and sound like, now I know, Bright and Loud.

Best Games ever? its obviously a subjective issue. I went to Sydney and that was certainly a benchmark and the template that London  2012 rightly used, after all unlike China we have nothing to prove. I also think the aftermath of Sydney and its rightful praise gave London the edge to beat Paris to 2012. London I think is Sydney 2000 on steroids.

Was it worth is? Well Proctor and Gamble spend I think about 2.9 billion dollars on Advertising per year. As a brand Britain, Brand UK advert I guess you can just about make the case financially that it is. London 2012 will be milked for many years to come one way and another.

So all  in all, after spending the best part of 7k on tickets, Hotels, Transport and food (I especially liked the Olive cart in the park) I had the time of my life. Sport is a big part of my life, it seems it is as well for the rest of us Sport mad Brits.

Can we do for Health and Education what we have done for sport over the past 15 years? I doubt it we will go back to our low level grumbling and standing in the line waiting to be served but all in all this slightly damp, often cloudy, broke but joyful place will always stand proud in hopeful expectation, and now and again our dreams will really come true and we will suprise eveyone once again when we excel when it matters.

We are forever being told about our "decline", rapid change and adaptation are not signs of decline, they are a sign that we are trying to come up with the answer, whatever that answer might be. In our case the answer seems to be nuns on rollerskates.

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