Friday, 13 July 2012

NHS Envy of the World

I came to this madness thru Jackart, I too left a comment.

"My wife is Australian and trained to be a midwife and nurse in Australia.
She has worked across the world. Mideast, Germany, Japan. United States as well as Oz. We came back to the UK in 1998 and within a year gave up on being a midwife here in the UK. I think you will find there is still a shortage of midwifes at the present time.
The simple problem with the NHS is that it is too big, Just like the banks it becomes a creature of its vested interests as I have observed in these comments.
The NHS is a poor system, it was set up for the soldiers who returned from WW2 without much real change when society changed numerous times since then.
If you really want your children to live in a nation with good health care provision, I have to warn you the clock is ticking and like the banks a failure in one part of the system will lead to the failure of the whole system. PFi Could well be the trigger. The UK Govt is insolvent and will probably remain so for many decades to come. Health care will not escape that fact.
My family has of course NHS cover but we do also have private health cover, just today ive jumped a big long queue to get treatment for my foot which if left untreated would result in not just pain and discomfort but loss of earnings.
I urge you to put aside your observations about the US system and have a good look at the German system. You purchase a health insurance premium annually and if you cannot afford the premium the state will purchase one on your behalf. This is not a inhuman system. There are many different hospitals both state, private and mutual. You learn as a result of the cost of health care to take your own health a lot more seriously.
Obamas new system is much more German than it is UK NHS.
No one is criticising the staff of the NHS, but the system also lets them down too. Tolerating incompetence and bad practice in bureaucratic stasis, acting as a sort of corporate antiseptic. As it did with my late mother, whos experience was a little like this.
Doctors missing notes, instead of one doctor having one set of notes directly accountable to the fee payer. Its in Insurance Companies interest to keep you well dont you know?
My Gran in her 90s sits at home wondering how unfair it is that she survived cancer and lives on and her daughter is now just a photo on the Mantlepiece. She was diagnosed and treated in Australia, my mother was treated here. Both the very same cancer.
NHS envy of the world? Idealistic Nonsense.

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