Saturday, 28 July 2012

Isles of Wonder

So 2 x £950 Tickets, was it worth it or should I have taken 2 weeks on the Med?

Off the bat, 8/10. And yes it was.

Danny Boyle is a brave man putting the Industrial revolution at the centre of the opening ceremony. I often take relatives epecailly the younger ones to Abbeydale Industrial hamlet and tell them the story of probably the most important revolution in all human histroy and all I get is "are we going to the pub next" Its dirty, loud and in large parts a depressing story of human suffering. To make it the centre piece of forging the olympic rings magnificently burning in the sky an Icon moment was not the safe route to go and I am forever in his debt for taking the risk and telling the story. I loved it. But then again I am the grandson of a Miner and Steelworker, from Sheffield. I might be a bit biased on this one.

I was well aware of the NHS inclusion in the show like everyone else. I saw David Milibands tweet about how some the Govt would not approve. I say Good of the Govt letting the artistic director get on with what he wanted to do, It did not work. It distracted from the chldrens stroy part of the show which was by itself magnificent. You should let the audience draw their own conclusions, Let the performance speak, you dont need to name check anything. Kids jumping about on hospital beds was more than good enough and fun enough.

As for this making the show "Leftwing", thats almost comical. Throughout the show an Oak tree stood towering over the whole event, you dont get much more of a "conservative" small "c" symbolism than that.

The Third part, the musical journey. Great music and shown off the sound and light system of the stadium to a tee. But the segmant to me got lost in too loose a theme. Nice try but forgetfull.

My favourite artistic part was "abide with me" a single vocalist and I think about thirty dancers in a stadium event of this scale, Very touching and tough act to pull off. They did, I am still swelling up thinking about it.

Then all the ritual and the couldren. I think at the last Olympic games they tried this with I seem to remember 4 parts and 1 got stuck. 180 plus petals for every nation. Senstational. In keeping with the industrial theme to the show. A brilliant piece of art and engineering. Rest of the world, you need to give us a call. showstopper.

So yes overall ticked most of the boxes and I think 2 outstanding centre peice moments that will live on. And a little bit of British chaos and humor thrown in let the world know we are not a nation of robots.

So where are the pictures then? I am beginning to think camera phones are the evil of our age. You go to these events and some people, the majority it seems spend three hours behind a lens. I left all that stuff at the hotel. I want to watch and take it all it. You cant do that if you are worrying about missing something.You are at the most photographed event on the planet let the pros do it for you. I for one am against digitizing my life, I suspect the people who worked in the factories of the Industrial revolution were against Industrializing theirs.  I will get the disc when it comes out, 3d of course.

I will be off around the park on Monday, up the orbit. Today is cycling. Tommorow the Eye. Next Saturday I am back to cheer on little Jess and Sunday the 100m final. 20 degrees and showers, Perfect sport weather.

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