Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Great Tidings

Ye much pleasure in the Manor of Shefeld at sunset yesterday. Our gracious Majesty this year on her 60th year of kindly rule, sent forth her Knights of the flame through our lords lands much to the celebration of our people.

Many came from miles around, Bradfeld and Waleswoods to be bear witness on the common grounds of Hillsborough as the flame made its way to the seat of the lord of the manor. Women, children and good men all left their fields and labours to fest. Much good ale was consumed.

The spring rains stopped and the sun shone forth, a great harvest we will be reaping this autumn as our soil is nourished by the will of God. Mushrooms are already being gathered from the woods and forests; joy is always felt on the consumption.

It is said the flame came from near the holy lands, some say it comes from heathen lands who worship many false gods. Lord Coe late of the manor assures us by taking the flame himself that this flame is pure, it is said he borewitness the birth of the flame himself. The house of the Virgin Mary is but 3days riding he told.

News reached us that the flame passing through Bernesai but 2 hours riding had blessed us with a miracle as a once lame boy walked for the first time and rose himself to carry the flame aloft. It is reported that this was meet with the weeping of joy by his kin. Darfelds Village scribe sent the news.

As children played on the fayre many games of climbing, chasing and singing, some men observed that some Spanish knights were too carrying the flame, this caused some disquiet. Or not the strong and loyal men of the manor good enough? It is said that our Queen questions our loyalty sometimes as the legend of Robin of Loxley, a good man of the Manor still holds the imagination of the Queen and her Lords. Our dispute was with the King John and his unjust rule, all disputes are now at an end and written in Magna Carta and kept for all to read and see at the Almighty Gods house in Lincoln, where the flame is carried today. We do concern ourselves that the knights of Europe have designs on our lands and remain on our guard, and all keep this in mind as we forge and sharpen the greatest swords of the kingdom. It is also said in whispers that ourQueens own men are clipping the coins to save their fellow knights from debtor’s jail and impoverishing us all as the cost.

The flame is an invitation to compete in a great games on Hackney fields, Our Queen herself is said to attend and we are to send our strongest to vanquish in good nature the many knights and Princes from all over Europe and it is said Africa. We have resolved to send also two of our Women folk to compete in the great games, they are of good family and stock and will amuse her majesty that woman too can fight like menfolk. They will surely say unto themselves that if the women are this strong the men must be the greatest of fighting men. We will remain in our manor making swords and sheaf's. Our ale is better here in the North of the Kingdom, but we do admire and envy the Hops of Kent which always gets the greatest of prices at the market.

Today the flame left at dawn. It will be carried in our neighbours manor of Donne ceaster by the very greatest and noblest of knights in all Englande. If he was of sound body he would surly carry the heaviest of swords into completion. A man and sword so strong that they would surely fell a 100 mighty Oaks of Sherwood forest in one morn, and after good ale and a small pottage do the same in the afternoon.

God Save The Queen,
in the year of our lord, two thousand and twelve. June 26.

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