Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Smoking Hot

I've always been fascinated by the old saying "a man with a badass makes a girls heart beat faster" maybe its because its a line one of the most disturbing films you can ever see Angel Heart, and I heard it in my childhood spoken by Mum and Gran.

I am not sure of its origins, I think its American but Alan Parker was the director, so he might have inserted it into the script. I a pretty certain that its not in the book, so it could be British but as we tend to say "Arse" and not "Ass" I think the our cousins should get the credit.

Like a lot of sayings that claim common sense, this one too has more than a grain of truth to it. It seems in the natural state Women are attracted to men with higher testosterone levels, but when they take the pill Mr Boring will do. Which in the long run might go some way to explain why divorce rates are higher in Western technological societies.

See Here Birth Control Pills Have Lasting Effects on Relationships - Scientific American And Here too.

You can also theorise that our obsession with getting our kids not to take up smoking actually encourages them to start smoking. If a young buck wants to signal to the girls that he has now worked out what his dangley bits are for, what quicker and easier way is there than not bothering smashing the jungle up but taking on the James Dean look? And of course the warnings, the hiding behind screens and the rest of the social taboos we invent just add to the Kudos. I am sure the anti-smoking lobby know this but its unpalatable to artificially reduce male testosterone levels that would be as Fascist as it gets.....but give them time. "every thing else has not worked, this is the only way, its for their own good"

What you have to do is get them to play lots of competitive sport (yes Guardian readers, not just sport but competitive sport) it brings down the testosterone levels and you might stand a better chance of them not needing to resort to cultural signals to get the girl (and it is that way around is it not?). But at the end of the day growing up is about trying things out for yourself, for good or ill.

And No I have never smoked a Cigarette in my life, I am tall I don't need to try too hard tog get the girl. The girl I would most like to get if I was not 25 years happily married but 15 years old would be the wonderful and brilliant Lana Del Ray, but I might have to go for the James Dean crocodile look to get her it seems, or become a drug dealer to get something as good. Lana obviously wrote this line just for her "Got my bad baby by my heavenly side" I think my gran would have some strong words of warning for her.

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