Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sea Water. The Fuel of the Future?

If you had asked me a year ago the chances of me being alive to see a nuclear fusion plant pump juice into the grid, I would have said that I probably have a 66% chance of seeing my 80th (34 years away) and a 30% chance of seeing nuclear fusion energy. One year later I would still say 66% on life expectancy but I would raise the later to 75%. While we have all been agonising about the Euro, Debt and our economies and of course the people who make agonising so sickeningly easy namely the politicians and the economists, real scientists have been hard at work.

Forget about the banks and their weird risk models, physics is about the real world, however odd it turns out to be. The parameters they put in their models are based on known data, not garbage in a garbage out. And it turns out the computer says yes., so now it seems the problem is one of engineering not theory.

So before the Big man hands me my P45, I might just get to see our energy problems solved. And with it of course a new world of economic growth. No doubt Labours first woman Prime Minister Rachel Reeves will claim that it was her vision and her governments policies that delivered us this new age of prosperity from the long Tory slump. But we will know that it was science that allowed her to stand on the giants shoulders and she like Brown and Blair she just got lucky. I am sure the very loverly Rachel will have to use her large brain and come up with new and exciting ways for making a great big F*** up of things, I am sure she can oblige.

So in the meantime its time blow up Blackpool (just kidding)

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