Thursday, 26 April 2012

"Meja" W***Fest

I cant really think of any other way of describing the circus around Leveson. 

Dave and Co deserve all they get if they have been drawn into Diggers Sun King Empire, they should have known better. But watching the twitter feed at #leveson yesterday you did get the impression that the Meja and especially the left were on a real bender. Which is odd as we know Blair was the worst offender and "there lot" was in power when the Motorman investigation was completed and completely ignored when it should have been acted upon there and then.
It seems to me the "left" seem to view the whole thing as "them" not agreeing with Digger, so they they don't want other people that do agree with Digger being told things that the people who do agree with Digger things they dont agree with.

Its a free country boys and girls, don't buy it, turn it off, but dont you dare tell me what I will and wont watch, see and read. "Impartiality is the Key" they would retort. Well  who decides that you are the customer? "Media ownership rules" they scream, well have a think about that a second, .....sound a bit fascist to me. If that is what is needed then we need to create a market where that need is null and void. If I wish to set up a newspaper, start a TV channel (which is within most of peoples power these days) then so be it. No man is an island, this blog is 100% Bias, move on if you dont like it and better still?

Oh that's all over blown and of course "the Left" want a free press. I hope so, because the big danger in all this is we throw the baby out with the bathwater. The fact is some of the best and most important stories and the press has unearthed have been stories either bought for and got by illegal methods, and even entrapment. There is a trade off with a free press, for all the stalking Celebs, smearing and sneering, stupid diets and the rest we get the nugget of gold every so often and I fear you cant have one without the other. Once again "the Left" are not big on trade offs.

There is another dangerous myth "the Left" gorge on and again its another one that if followed through will result in all of us having less rights and more restrictions with more regulations that we already do. And that's the idea that the average Joe's mind is putty and people like Digger using his Evil empire will mold it to their evil ways. Now this might work on a thrusting 23 year old with a copy of the Groan tucked under his proud arm, banner showing to the world, but there is very little evidence of it in the real world. I am not saying in someways it does, but now more than ever in the age of Twitter and Google, its not a runner.

On a philosophical level, its a nature/nurture argument. I pretty well come down on Steven Pinkers side which he argues in The Blank Slate. The actual truth is not good for either side of the argument both the right and left in politics, on balance "its the genes"

Most readers of the red tops I know and even employ, don't really read the editorials and political sections in any great detail in fact when Ive read them myself and had a conversation with them about the contents they have very little awareness of the content and facts behind the stories, sports section is different by a country mile and more, and so too general interest and social stories (daily Mail anyone?) but if Kevin Mcguire thinks he is talking to his people he is a bigger tosspot than he could imagine

This is not to belittle people who do read red tops, or watch Sky Sports and Sky Living (like we do in our house) its a question of time. Real people in the real world or in the mainstream world dont on the whole have time to "read all about it", they tend to tune into the noise. At the moment there is a BIG noise about Hacking and Murdoch, there must be fire to go with that smoke so to speak. Its also the reason the left do better in polling than they do in  the ballot box as a rule.

When people go through the issues they understand stuff as well as you or I who do make an effort to "read all about it" this is another good argument for pushing power and politics down to more local levels of reference. I will be voting for elected Mayors, its a step in the right direction (doing the trade off) it would be better to have "the Noise" closer and around the people they can relate too.