Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Like A Virgin

I think all this is quite explainable, in so far it is explainable.

Broken home, rejected by his father, rejected by the military, failed in finance, even failed to be part of a gang. Loner and very probably a virgin, if not very limited contact with women. In short he is a loser.

Humans like to blame someone else or something else rather than confront the facts of their lives. We all do this to greater or lesser extent, all of us, Its why you should never read an autobiography. His shooting spree was a power trip to compensate for his failures that had warped his mind.

I do not wish to get into the politics of all this, he had no justification to do what he did. But that Aside Norway is an odd place, summer camp for 15 year old political nerds is odd too. The trial itself is really odd both Breivik and the state of Norway seem to be holding a mirror up to each other. The court itself seems to have a jury Shrinks watching all Breivik does. Everyone seems scared of each other.

I imagine there are tens of thousands of losers in Norway and around the world who match the profile of Breivik who would never dream of doing anything like what Breivik did, this is the reason he is insane.

As said before "Rational people keep their fantasies in their heads"

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