Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Problems Of Britian

The government deficit, The government debt, The euro crisis, The EU and Democracy,
Unsustainable Government Spending,Inflation, Private Pension Provision,Banking governance and regulation, World trade imbalances, Fiat Money, The Fractal reserve banking system, Corporatism, Gordon and Tonys Big Bubble, Economic
Growth,Taxation, Unemployment, Youth,Unemployment, literacy, numeracy
Housing, Land Use, Land Fill and waster removal, Tanker Drivers Strike, Water Provision and Shortages, The NHS, The Aging Population, Care of the Elderly, Immigration, The underclass, Feral Children, Feral Dogs, Abortion used as Contraception, Slavery and sexual exploitation, Family Breakdown,Children Stolen by the state, Children left to rot in council care, Would be Parents frighted by the state from trying to adopt a child, Abuse of Children in care, Abuse of Pensioners in Hospital and Care, Drug and Alcohol abuse, Media intrusion, Media freedom suppression, Super injunctions
judicial activism, Iran,Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, The Middle East,
Mothers losing sons and daughters in combat, Nuclear proliferation, Coming Famine in West Africa, Pirates in East Africa, Islamism, Assorted Other Religious fundamentalism and Militant Atheism, Windmills, Solar Panels, The Coming energy crunch, Nuclear decommissioning Costs, Devolution for the English, The West Loathian Question,
Fat Cat Civil Servants Milking the Council tax payers, Reduction in the number of MPS, Equalization of Voting values across Constituencies, *Pasties that are too hot, MP's,Journalists and assorted Politicos who think that talking about trivia will take our attention away from their policies and mistakes that we ultimately pay for because they think we are too thick to understand what the F*** is going on.

And for all those who don't have a life, mines a Spicy Chicken from the Proper Pastry Company.

*Just to clarify, Irony in case you are wondering.

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