Tuesday, 6 March 2012

FFS People. Get the F*** Angry.

Yet another Police shoot to kill capital punishment victim and all I hear is the sound of silence. In the case of Shaun Hall 13 months of silence.

Yep he probably is a bad'un and could well have been a dangerous one. But I thought the police where there to secure the Queens peace, they are paid to take risks in the course of their duties and once again that magic ingredient missing from public life is once again absent without leave "duty of care", that applies to the suspected as well as victims.

As we saw in London last year there is a cost for this mad idea that most if not all risk can be deleted from life by putting a bullet in the agitators chest.

Dont get me wrong I am in favour of capital punishment, but that comes after a fair trial and resulting appeals, not before the evidence is gathered and certainly not before a crime is committed.

The Police STILL have a major problem with their firearms procedures.

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