Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Big Toe Anecdote

Well a real world experiment, always the best in my opinion.

6 weeks ago I dropped a heavy box on my toe result after 2 weeks the toe is ingrowing due to the injury and the nail needs removing, booked in at the doctors for a minor op (local and the knife) tomorrow the 19th.

12 years ago in Perth, Western Australia I did the same thing to the same toe. Result after 10 days when I first go to the doctors it is removed there and then. I can tell you when you have this done you will remember it for a long time.

Yup its only a big toe, but your big toe takes 60% of your body weight and is central to balance. You cant walk properly without it. If like me you are on your feet 12 yours a day it is and has been a major problem. I have also had to have 4 weeks on anti-biotics to make sure no infection takes hold and turns it Gangrenous. Your feet pick up a lot of dirt and sweat in the course of everyday use should be noted.

I still have the Bill from Australia, 75 Dollars (inc dressing and anti-biotics) which was paid by my insurers as it was not covered by general medicare. Compare that with the UK, 4 10 minute consultations with the doctor, 4 dressing appointments with the practice nurse, 4 lots of anti-biotics, 3 lots of pain killers. (all this while waiting for the chop which was booked in on the first visit) And for me probably the loss of about 3 weeks of work. The mind boggles at the numbers but Oz wins by more than a country mile.

Poor Fabrice Muamba, I in no way wish to detract from the brilliant care he received on the pitch last night and of course, the emergency treatment that was afforded him. My beef is with the NHS, is not the countless staff who work hard to give people like Fabrice a chance, (my wife is a Cardiac Intensive care nurse btw) even if it is a slim one, where as only a few years ago they would have had none. The simple fact is we are all let down patients and staff alike by the structure of the NHS itself, like the banks its just too big, Like my toe its prone to accidents and failure.

Put aside the leftish nonsense that if we did not have the NHS we would all die on the street, or the righist nonsense that privitisation is the magic bullet in health care. Neither is true, lets create a market in health care supplied by the state, mutual's and the private sector, under written by an Insurance based system.

There is nothing to be proud about when it comes to health care in the UK.

I may be dead wrong in my assessment, but a grown up debate about health care in the UK without the political shite associated would be a good start.

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