Saturday, 28 January 2012

Do I Really Own RBS?

Merry New Year and a Happy Christmas Past. Ive been busy trying to manage family affairs trying to co-ordinate one family member leaving this world and another arriving. A emotional complicated issue at the best of times, but we do have a photo of them together.

Much ado over at NatWest and Steve the managers bonus this year, as every year. Apparently I own this bank, I am told from both left and right that this is the case, so consensus prevails.

But do I? I have no share certificate, I did not vote for the Govt. to bail this company out or was I asked. I am not paying any tax this year, thus I am not a taxpayer this year apart from taxes paid at the till at the supermarket and petrol station ect. And so do many visitors to these isles pay these taxes, do they own RBS?

RBS as far as I can see is owned by the state. The state is the legal personality of the government. Am I part of the state? It does not really add up that "we" own RBS.

RBS is now a tool of the government and the political class, they own RBS not me or you. The best thing would be to cut "our" losses and either sell or close down this unloved orphaned psudo-company.

I am suprised Steve the manager stuck around so long to be truthful.

***New years Resolution.I am told its not good form not to take comments, so Ive switched them on and you can do your worse.

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