Monday, 5 December 2011

Pot. Kettle. Black. (Riot update)

The Guardian have cracked the problem, "The Yoof of today" were mad at the police, in fact they were more than mad the kids were suffering "injustice"

Not surprising really that they felt this way, all the poverty of not having a plasma in your bedroom and in general having a previous criminal conviction.....

Does the Groan, give their previous reporting a mention?

"The sentences handed down to convicted rioters by the courts have been more draconian than previously thought but nearly three-quarters of those appearing in court had criminal records"

How about this for none sensationalist opinion?

The kids saw on TV that the riots on the Saturday night were going unanswered by the police and "decided to have some of it" and used social networks to organise it quickly. As for gangs, one major city was spared, that has recently had a very serious gang problem, Sheffield.

I wonder why Sheffield was spared, is it because it had nothing to do with gangs or is the fact South Yorkshire police are all over them 24/7? delete according to your political viewpoint.

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