Thursday, 8 December 2011

In Defence of Dave.

Not something I usually would do, for me it a question of not being Mr Reckless Endangerment himself Mr G. Brown, so thats a big step forward, but I need much more, and much more starts today.

Its quite obvious that the EUros are setting up infideous Albion as the falls guys when everything goes tits up. First it was the dastardly short sellers in London, next it will be Dave not doing as he is told. They will blame everyone but themselves. The little guys will hold their tongues and let the UK do the talking and take the flack, and join in the condemnation when the shit hits the fan

Mr Euro himself Jean-Claude Juncker, from his bunker in deepest darkest Luxembourg has told the radio station France Info: "I don't want the United Kingdom setting aside entire pages to say the United Kingdom will not do what all the others have to do. I will not accept that" WTF is he going to do send a strong letter of protest, or is it the hit squads from European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to give us a go over like they are doing to the credit rating agencies to stop them talking?

Maybe Dave should offer Junker his resignation so the EUros can install Peter Mandleson as governor?

Good luck to them if they wish to go down this adhoc EU state route, but it wont work. The Political economy is just that a marriage between politics and economics, and the vows are taken in the language of democracy, and the consent for democracy comes from the legal framework which is, has always been and will continue to be The nation state.

The great thing about all this on going euro drama is that British public, both old and young, left or right have had a good long look at the real face of the EU and now they well and truly know what it is, and this time no conjecture or argument, its all in the history books. and it says "Euro Superstate, we lied"

So I wish Dave well. It would sicken me to sit at the same table with the majority of these people. he has my sympathy. It really is time to leave.

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