Sunday, 13 November 2011


I was at a mass the other Thursday morning, for the dead who have died this year. You light a candle and the team up front pray for their souls for the rest of the day,sort of thing.
For my uncle as it happens.

The list was a long one, my uncles name came up in the first minute. But in the next fifteen minutes two names came up which the priest pointed out that they had died in Afghanistan.

Usually you go to these types of things and it is full of old people, but as I glanced back from the front row (My gran cant hear that well, so we have to be at the front) I noticed that both soldiers obviously had their families present. Young widows holding little children and the parents of the soldiers to either side of them.

So today I will specifically remember and think of them, thankfully for most of us war is something that we only see and hear on the TV and radio, for some its as real as the rain falling on my windows right now.

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