Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Steve Jobs, Genius?

The Telegraph makes a good fist of the answer being no, but I would disagree and say that answer is yes.

Now before I start, I dont own any apple computer, and have never done so, I own a ipod and i touch and both are now over three years old, so I am no Apple fanatic.

The thing is the two bits of tech I cant keep my mits off at the moment are my Kindle and my Windows mango smartphone, both are straight out of the Jobs playbook, and I would say if it was not for Jobs these two products would not be as good as they are, certainly not in this era/time frame.

Jobs changed the rules, and that's what a genius does, he/she either change the rules or the rules are changed because of them. Windows mango is great because it is gunning for the market share that the iphone has, and to stand any chance it has to be at least as good as the opposition. And the iphone set the bar high.

The Kindle is a little different, its carved a big niche out for its self, Amazon have looked at the market and asked themselves how can we be better and the answer is once again out of the Jobs playbook, usability.

So yes Jobs is a genius. I note on his death certificate he is down as a entrepreneur something not said by the Guardian and other left wing jounals, but that is what he is a genius for, and a pretty good capitalist to boot, a truly great 1 percenter.

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