Tuesday, 25 October 2011

The Real Problem With Roland Emmerich

A lot of people are getting hot under the collar with Roland's latest masterpiece, They should really just laugh along at him and his work. For a start he has never made a single film really of any outstanding quality. Have you ever viewed Emmerich movie more than once? well your 12 year old boy will of course love Godzilla and Independence day, but really anything else?

He is like a MTV version of Micheal Moore, a sensationalist with a good thumping soundtrack and lots of flash bang, from the blood libel of The Patriot with not just an artistic licence viewpoint of history but a completely made up one to his new one (which I cant be bothered going to see in any form) and its complete disregard for fact, and of course with added anti-English spice....from a German. What next Hitler was misunderstood and it was all Churchill's fault?

The man is a very poor film maker, all you really have to do is remind him off it and he will go away and come back with even more shite to throw at us while we stuff the popcorn down our throats. He will of course get rich because of it, and will think to himself this proves his worth as a filmmaker and some sort of an uber social commentator for the 21st century, but he is not he is just plain shite, and some people like shite and will pay for it.

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