Friday, 21 October 2011

China Nearly Hitches a EU Space Ride

The EU's uber hard on for empire glory, the Galileo GPS heads for space an interesting fact has emerged...

"But Europe wants the system to be completely autonomous, no matter what the cost. In recent weeks, with the launch of the satellites looming, certain electronic components were removed. The pieces in question were part of Galileo's search-and-rescue service. But they were manufactured in China, something Brussels wasn't at all happy about. There was concern that the parts might disrupt the satellites. As a result, the Chinese-made electronics have now been replaced by non-functional metal weights"

Lets not beat around the bush, the Chinese nearly put up a hardware trojan on board. The fact that they got within weeks of doing so tells you all you need to know about how stupid and inefficient the EU are collectively. And of course lets not make a fuss as they are on their knees grovelling at the moment.

Not to worry that the Russians put the gear up in a Soyuz rocket, lets hope nothing magnetic is sticking to the sides.

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