Monday, 10 October 2011

Build the Gallows High

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil"

The Rotten Heart of Europe: Dirty War for Europe's Money,
Bernard Connolly (1995)
currently a collectible book available for around the fifty quid mark.

I don't know why I am a bit of a sadist, I bought and read this book when it came out and decided there and then the EU was not just a bad idea but a evil one, but on my recent sail around the Aegean in glorious sunshine and the odd storm straight out of the movie 300, I once again went through the process of trying to prove myself wrong, and I failed, the EU is not just bad it is stili evil.

How can you prescribe a concept of evil to an organisation or a currency? easy its ideology, same as national or international socialism, the idea in the minds of the protagonist is not that they may have a truth, theirs is the truth, above and beyond all others, And that's a very dangerous thing.

Democracy, free speech, the rule of law are and have all been subverted and diluted by the elites advancing this "Truth", I suspect in a short period people on Rhodes which I recently visited on my trip, who came across to me as people living in fear will dash to the cash machines and scramble to get food in their homes, their government will stop paying wages and pensions and people will go hungry, Greece will descend into chaos.

I hope I am wrong, but If I am right then at that point we are not dealing mere differences of economic or political opinion but criminality. This will have been avoidable and in no small terms was designed to happen.

So thank you Mr Connolly for warning me all those years ago and documenting the evidence so well. It will still be the backbone of the prosecution even today.

And for all those who have finished with the little Englander and assorted jibes and are gobsmacked with reality staring you in the face, get hold of a copy.

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