Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Sinners Repent, Day 2

Well yesterday we had a long overdue Sorry from Balls, welcome and accepted, now do the decent thing retire your seat. A airline pilot who made such a catastrophic error would never fly again. Balls remains unfit for public office regardless.

And today its the turn of uber pro European Max Hastings takes the sword of truth out of display cabinet and gives it a little air in readiness for the months and years ahead. It wont take much to go from his present holding position to being a raving right wing little Englander nutter isolationist me thinks. Welcome to our club...forgive me while I wipe a tear for our dear blighted nation on the cross of St. George.

Its time to leave both the Eu and for me to take a holiday. If you are staying home its time to get the popcorn out. Markets V Politicos, who will win I wonder?

My guess It will not even be a close game. Even as dreadful as most politicos are, the EU lot are seriously shite.

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