Sunday, 11 September 2011


We are told that it only seems like yesterday the events of 9/11 unfolded, but to me it seems a lifetime ago. I suppose everyone knows where they were on that monstrous day, Me too, I had just come back from the Gym with a massive appetite and was just tucking into my favourite Ham salad sandwich sat in front of Sky news trying to work out how a plane might crash into the world trade centre by accident, then I watched the second plane Crash into the other tower. I remember my appetite disappear as the bottom of my stomach fell out as I was overcome in flash by the shock of what I had just seen. Sheer complete emptiness took over.

To this day I have only watched one Documentary about the events of 911. A BBC Horizon about the design of the twin towers and how it contributed to the collapse. I walk away or look away at any footage of the towers burning or collapsing, I have a copy of the movie United 93, and I have never watched it, I cant make my mind up if it is ethical to do so or is it just I find the whole thing too painful? or Both?

So much has passed since then that makes the time seem long ago, Afghanistan, Iraq, The terrorist attacks in Madrid and London, The banking collapse and just this year the Arab spring. Billions and billions off words have been written, cross checked and argued about, debated and fought over, The world is very, very different we are too busy living to realise it just yet, But the historians will also write huge volumes about 9/11 and the first decade of the 21st century, we really did live through history in the making.

I dont think its a day for more points of view, more perspectives, more insights, Its a day to remember the lives of innocent people , going about their lives and labours who were mercilessly murdered by a bunch of savages.

I often think life is a bit like trekking through the snow, you are always glancing back at the wonder of the footprints visible in the snow as you make your way. Events like 911 remind us to tread lightly, carefully and joyfully as we make our way through the snow of life. The big question is when our journey ends will our footprints still be there in the snow of time, I suspect it will, forever.

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