Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Euro Humiliation

So Tim is a special guest at the Euro eurocraps meeting this week in Poland.

Sounds like a bazooka is at the ready....from the FED.

Why not? They have done it before.

What fun, the smart enlightened Eurocraps being bailed out by those uncultured capitalist cowboy yanks. And poor Barry, all that political capital pointing across the water and dreaming how much more like Europe America should be.

If they have any sense the price will be a orderly dismantlement of the Euro, but sense is not something in much evidence at the moment from our dear leaders.

So this is my latest punt.

Greece gets another month, Time to enough to write up the deal.
Greece then is thrown to the wolves to appease the German public.
Germany doubles up EFSF.
The Fed matches the whole fund and China comes in on the same terms
IMF (us) get the tab for the rest and hey presto two trillion to bailout the Euro.

Can is then 2 or 3 years up the street?

I should write to your MP, No British Taxpayers money should be put up to bailout a unstable currency system, no matter what euro twaddle they put down on paper or pass off as law. Not they would take any notice, but at least it would make you feel better.

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