Friday, 26 August 2011

"Social Science Depts" Substantial Cuts Identified

Nope I don't agree with Starkey either, Cultures tend to bounce off one another and create something new, unfortunately the worst of "whitey" culture and bounced of the Worst of "Darkie" culture and created something that is far worse than either of their starting points. But to be fair to Starkey like most of the rest of the "social sciences" and most politicians, they never get out into the real world to find out preferring to live in the leafy "conservative" areas of our cities.

That said, he was right to say what he said, as most academics do he makes the mistake of over complicating his language, but the difference is he does it out of his own pocket. Society has to go through this trial and error process in order to get to better ground and Starkey speeded it up, so well done.

And no just because something is said that appears to be racist does not make you a racist, neither does the recognition that you believe race to be real.

Once upon a time the "Social Sciences" was funded by the wealthy, maybe as we are in desperate need of engineers and those with more technical skills we should redirect our resources where the need is, and where we will get more value for money from the public purse.

Here is a full list of those who might make way for such a revolutionary idea.

*And FFS why do you need specialist training to comment on contemporary British Social history? Apart from material facts the rest is opinion, which sums up the whole of social sciences.

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