Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New England

There is something about Cricket that gets to your soul, Yes I love Football and Rugby and many others. I don't go along with the idea that Football is the Beautiful game, it can be at times as the current Spanish and Barcelona sides show, and of course their inspiration, the Dutch side of the seventies, But most of the time its not, for me the English power game is what I like even though it puts us at a disadvantage when it comes to international competition.

Cricket is very different, even within a game or series of games you can get many different battles taking place within the main contest, for example Raul Dravids resistance to the English onslaught at the Oval, which was probably the best innings played in the series even though it was a whitewash. Cricket brings the personality of the player out more than any other sport, you really get the know the players even though you will never meet them, there is no where to hide on a cricket pitch, on every team the Opening batsmen are always the potential Airline pilots.

At times during this series England have been gruesome in their treatment of the opposition, Playing like the great Australians of the last 15 years, bullying,intimidating and at times overbearing I found myself being almost embarrassed by their performances both as a team and as individuals, it was all very unEnglish this winning lark, Ive even been writing apologetic emails and messages to my Indian friends. Something does not feel right, If this was Football I would be singing a dancing around the house and garden, But this is Cricket, Cricket is different.

What makes yesterday at the Oval special is that most of the fans can remember the team as the worst in the world, so being No1 is like standing on the summit for the first time and being so exhausted and exhilarated by the fact you are actually there you don't take the view much in, It really is shocking as it is fulfilling, even though the steady march to the summit has been Calculated and well earned.

As my Aussie wife points out to me, Now you know what its like to be an Australian, Thing is I a not right sure I want to feel like an Australian, for them Winning is Winning for us its more than that.

I will leave it the the Australian to explain just how good this England side are.

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