Saturday, 27 August 2011

Jackson Hole Hold'em QE3 Poker

Whatever next? both the French, a country that has not had a budget surplus since 1976 and the Spanish are both adopting tough new measures constitutional as well fiscal measures to assure the bond markets that is time they mean business and dont want another phone call from the their new president Frau Merkel ever again or they will be forced to watch some German comedy. (from 2008 as it happens)

My Guess is Helicopter Ben knows the last two bouts of QE have not really worked and any effect is marginal on the psychology of the markets and with one glance across the Atlantic knows that this is a card he will have to play when the storm hits, so why play it now? It might be his one golden bullet if it is played at the right time, or more likely the one and only card still to play.

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