Friday, 5 August 2011

The Breakdown of Nations

Hayek, Popper are the Austrians that are widely known, but there is a third one that I think is worthy off attention at this time, Leopold Kohr.

I think he would understand our present situation with a good deal of clarity, his general view was not really one of right or left, wrong or right. But big or small, good and bad.

The "cult of bigness" gives a pretty good overview of the present issues does it not? the EU a big political empire messing up merrily, banks that are too big, the Federal government of the US doing much too much and running up massive debts.

"When something is wrong, something is too big." I cant find much to argue with that position at the moment, I think Dillow was pointing in that direction with this post.
When you get too big you spend most of your time holding the sum or your parts together instead of chopping off the parts of the body that you need to adapt. As you grow the internal vested interests take hold.

Worth reading if you have not, its time might just have come?

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