Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Bastards

Remember them? John Majors "bastards" Portilio, Redwood, Michael Howard, Peter Lilley on the inside, and Teresa Gorman, Chris Gill, Tony Marlow, Sir Teddy Taylor, John Wilkinson, Sir Richard Body and Richard Shepherd on the outside.

I was listening to John Majors ex. Edwina Currie on Richard snorting Bacon's R5L show this afternoon as they wankfested themselves on kicking Americas Tea Party. Edwina somehow believed that the UK political system was somehow like US constitution a couple of hundred years. Bacon believed in the general BBC/Guardian gumf that taxing rich people more will if not put an end to our problems then at least make us feel a little better about them.

Just as the Tea Party are important in setting an agenda, then so too were "The Bastards" in setting the tone of the EU/Euro debate in the early 1990's. Yes there was certainly plenty on the Left who saw the dangers that the EU and the Euro posed. But Conservatives tend to be the party of the constitution and issues such as the Eu and the Euro tend to strike at the heart of what Conservatism is, thus as they were also the governing party at the time were uniquely able to amplify a warning off the dangers ahead.

No they did not stop successive treaty's invading the body politic of the UK, but what they did do is make sure the public was aware of the issue and thus establishment politicians were forced one way or another to offer referendums on joining the Euro, something I believe Blair wishes he had not as it shackled him early in his government.

I have no doubt that if the opinion polls had been favorable at anytime in the run up to the Euro launch in 2001 then we would have found our way into it. Brown and Co. are going around pretending that this is not so and they saved us, this is bullshit, Browns whole aim in politics was to be PM and throwing spanners in Blair's project was his way of getting there as quickly as he could, the fate of Sterling and our democracy was just a tool for him to play political games with, as was the British economy.

Regardless of what fate awaits us and the rocky roads that we have to climb in the coming years to restore our pride, morality, democracy and economy, I think we owe "The Bastards" a debt of gratitude. They warned us and they were right. They took the punches that came with it, the ridicule, the insults, the laughter and jibes.

They set aside party colours for principle, we desperately need more "bastards" from both Left and right.....and what Irony, a political and monetary creation without a father? Bastards indeed.

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