Monday, 22 August 2011

Ancient Libya

Looks like a new winter sun destination has opened up overnight. I am sure we will have the construction industry up and running in a blink of the eye. Hopefully Us Brits, Yanks and Frenchies will get the local prices not the tourist ones. The Arabs for all the crap that is written about them, never forget their friends. Hospitality to their friends and guests is the hallmark and measure of their culture.

And maybe a few lessons we might learn from them, the National transitional council have it in their constitution that no one on its council can stand for election to the Libyan Presidency whenever that is. They obviously understand the idea of separation of powers and the dangers of corruption.

In a world of crap news at last some good news, lets hope it continues.

Good Luck Libya. I am sure with all that sunshine, gas and oil things really can only get better.

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