Monday, 18 July 2011

Sky Box Office

No sign today of the Gang of Three, they will no doubt be prepping for tomorrows big match.

Who will face the most public humiliation, the politicos have the box seat and home advantage counts, especially when the ref is on your side. But I am sticking my neck out and taking Rupert and Co. to take it to a replay at the inquiry, grinding out a hard fought for draw. Parliamentary privilege is the ace in Diggers back pocket, I dont think he will let the opportunity pass.

Team News International are going to score a couple, but the problem is the defence which has been a bit leaky off late, well below par is the general consensus. James looks like the weak point and will have to knuckle down and put in the hard yards. Testarossa will need to play the vulnerable hurt female and mention Sarah's Law a lot. Rupert needs his A game and more to come to the party, he is known as a big game player for the big matches.

Andy Gray was unavailable for a prediction, but we are monitoring his situation closely.

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