Thursday, 28 July 2011

Natural Born Killers

No democracy is not an end in itself, neither is nationality and statehood, but I think free speech is. If there is one Human Right, (and I am not big on the rights culture we seem to have produced) then free speech must surely be it. Is it absolute? no it is not, but it should be as near as damn it.

This is I think where the line is drawn when it comes to the use of force or armed insurrection. If Free speech is withdrawn or compromised to such a degree then I think you can have the moral right to "wage war" on the state, by force.

Norway for all its absurdities does not strike me as such a state.

Then if you pass this Free Speech test you have to engage the state to set of rules, for example, not deliberately targeting civilians, only the agents of the state, maybe only the armed agents of the state.

Breivik did not do any off this, he set about the wanton murder of his fellow citizens including women and children, not something a rational mind would do. Humans have a natural aversion to killing their fellow humans.

To kill a fellow human being you either need to be trained to do it, this is why professional armies are much more efficient killers than conscription ones that tend to run away. This is achieved by de-sensitising the soldier to killing, the other is you are a psychopath who is getting off on the killing.

This is why what Breikik believed or not is irrelevant, what the Marxist suicide bombers in Sri lanka believed or not is irrelevant so too the Kurdish PPK. Yes he had motive and he planned to his motive in a rational way. But it is a bit like hard core porn, in itself does not turn you into a rapist, what it does is the give psychopathic killing spree added wank value (for all sides it seems)

And by his own admission if he is not a natural psychopath, then he used drugs in order to achieve that state he felt he need to kill. A rational man doing the irrational perhaps? but its stretching it is it not, when there was many more rational options, he could have chosen, for what he believed to be rational arguments. Rational people keep their fantasies in their heads.

I think the picture of him smiling in police custody gives the game away, we are not dealing with the rational, you are seeing at close hand mind and face off the criminally insane, a man with no conscience. killing is a seriously hard thing to do thankfully.

Or as US Army Brigadier General S.L.A. Marshall put it "in Vietnam, for every enemy soldiers killed, more than fifty thousand bullets were fired"

and if you are more interested in such matters then read.

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society, by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman

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