Monday, 18 July 2011

FFS! Please F**K Off !

I have the great honour in being able to report to you that I have not bought a newspaper as off 15 July 2001, (I know this well as its my Mums Birthday) thats a full 10 years, yup ive half read a few freebies on planes and the likes but I have not put my hands in my pockets and paid a penny for the output of the UK daily print media. A few Species and the occasional Economist on the way but I think you know what I mean.

My general view on newspapers is they are a very necessary evil, most of the time Newspapers tell their readers what they want to hear, off which Digger is the master, or has been up to the age of the internet. Occasionally they do some good, the stolen disc of the MP's expenses which they paid for, and proving once and for all that Pakistani cricket is corrupt, come to mind as well as the stolen data from wikileaks.

For nearly 2 weeks now we have had wall to wall coverage of HackerGate, something we and the press themselves have known about for many years. Off which large parts of their industry not just News International are implicated. Against a backdrop of the very serious threat of a financial nuclear weapon going off on our doorsteps.

We are told that we the public are outraged, we are on the verge of marching on Westminster and finding the first available BBC news crew that will broadcast a voxpop of us the public demanding Digger be tied to the back of a horse by his bollocks and dragged naked past broadcasting house,or we will be taking the very serious action of writing to our dear, holy and clean MP's who we worship daily after reading the words of the progressive God from the righteous oracle, the Guardian. (Gods dont pay tax)

The strange thing is I have not spoke to one person, and I have spoken to many over the past 10 days, who have mentioned it, in any form or other, so too my wife at work in a very busy hospital. This is because this story is only important to the Westminster bubble elite, sorry Boys and Girls at the Beeb and Groan, the fact is whatever the fate of NI and Digger, peeps will not be running into your arms for salvation. As said people buy newspapers to hear the things they want to hear, I believe they call it cognitive bias. obviously this does not apply to progressive Liberal reading Guardian readers.

This is the sum total of things, so we don't need to waste tens of millions of pounds of cash we don't have on judges expenses. The press have for many years used private detectives to if you like, to buy stories Wholesale. NI as it is a very efficient company brought it more in house than the rest instead of just plain subcontracting it out

"The Left" and the "Press" are fighting like cats over the roadkill remains, the new empire is in town and its Google, but because of the nature of its delivery, its a more vulnerable empire. No doubt you will find the right set of politicos to try and thwart the new empire, to bring it to heal with your progressive agenda, in the wider interests, which you serve so well off course. BUT fail you will because the level of repression to achieve your ends will not be tolerated, and a new Google will emerge if this one fails. Thats the thing about digital technology, its all in the Math, and Maths does not have frontiers.'

So I will watch with interest as Digger digs the dirt like everyone else tomorrow, as one snake oil salesman tells another set of snake oil salesman "I am sorry, are you?" with no doubt a commentary from the private MP for the Hinduja brothers, telling us just how bad he is/done.

But I have to tell you I am sick to death of the whole thing, I dont care if Dave hired someone who turn out to be liar, I've done it myself, I have even forgiven them. I really, really don't care. I care that I can pay my bills at the end of the month, I know that's trivial for a Beeboid and Guardianista or leeching MP who have the taxpayer to fund their lifestyles one way or another, but it kind of matters to the other 20 million of us who pay the bills for the nation as a whole.

So why did I decide all those years not to buy newspapers anymore? A Daily Mirror journalist offered to pay me so they could write a story in my name, trashing a company they did not like over an accident they seemed to think was more than an accident, off which they was no evidence off.

SO Ladies and Gentleman of the press, as I said to the very pretty journalist form the Daily Moron, F**k OFF before I set the dogs on you.

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