Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"Catastrophic Error of Judgment"

RedED thinks hiring a hack to do hack business is "catastrophic error of judgment" Guido order of the OTT should be arriving soonish, mind you he also seems to be too wrapped up in the bubble too much I feel.

Which got me thinking, "catastrophic error of judgment" Top Ten, What would that look like? I suppose we are going to narrow it down a little, history is littered with them, usually great minds doing great things. So I would say 1980 onwards, by sitting Prime Ministers.

I will throw a few stones into the pond.

*Thatch not sacking Lawson for shadowing the DMark
*Thatch for agreeing to join ERM and not resigning instead
*Major signing up to Maastricht Treaty
*Blair/Brown, taking from the BoE supervision for the banks 1997, FSA
*Blair/Brown/AND THE REST, supporting UK or possible UK participation in EMU
*Blair/Brown borrowing in the bubble or if you like the structural deficit
*Blair/Brown not reforming public services (*and Pensions) at the top of the cycle
*Blair/Brown Amsterdam, Lisbon and the rest
*Major/Thatcher Property tax reform after the mid 80s housing bubble
*Brown, Gold...sell! sell! *Blair for not sacking him for being a fruitcake.

I am sure many would add a few wars ect, in the history books I suspect they will be footnotes.

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