Sunday, 10 July 2011

....And In The Real World

The Euro-crooks are having an emergency meeting tomorrow about Italia and its debts. As if that's going to assure the markets. Here is a tip for the Euro-crooks and fellow travellers, prices are messages, the message is "we think you are F***ed" I am sure some rating agency will be along in a moment to turn that thought into something you can vent your fury at.

I was cycling around the Isle Of Wight last Friday, into a head wind near to the Needles heading down to Freshwater, when upon my headphones I heard Peston on R5L, the Mayo show I believe, said something pretty extraordinary for a beeboid, something like "when you look at what happened to the banks, and then the MPs expenses scandal and now the tabloids and journalism, you get the sense that between 2000 and 2007 something bad happened in this country and we lost our way"

Reality finally bites hey? I was so shocked by it I fell off my bike, something that has not happened to me since I was a young teen. Somehow I think It will be a long time also before our beloved nation gets back on its bike, and out of the headwind.

It was quite obvious in that period that Journalists, lead by the BBC where doing the then Governments bidding and pissing out of Tony's and Gordon's big tent and not in it, How many journalists took on MPs and their expenses? the banks and the iceberg they were floating on? or themselves?

Its good to see reality biting, when I see the Beeb, the Indie, the Guardian, the Mirror et all, and not just Ruperts gang on their knees, that will be a sight to see.

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