Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Real Shit Sandwich

So it seems my prediction of September might not be a bad tip afterall (and after the fall of Bitcoin last week, I need a win)

Usual talking head nonsense this Sunday morning, some Irish EU Sponger was my favorite, with Brussels in the backdrop on Sky news he confidently warned the dangers of the Greek government losing the Greek street/people. I wondered if it was satire.

Banks are not lending to one another, anxiety in the air, the Motorways quite, it seems to me the wisdom of crowds is once agian stalking like the summer of 2008

But on the brighter side it seems the licence fee was worth it after all, as the blessed Beeb release Riot Dog the movie, But nothing beats the news that former NUM headquarters in Sheffield, the seat of King Arthur's throne, is up for being turned into a Casino. How great it is to see the final triumph of casino capitalism while Scargill still breathes.

Maybe while he looks on...and before he starts his Castro style rant from his mansion in Barnsley he should order up a Real Shit Sandwich from Japan. Yes indeed those wonderful Japs, who have just survived one of the worst earthquakes in recorded history pretty much relativity unscathed (delete if you are a Greenpeace activist) have developed meat from poop.

Well why not? waste water is recycled, why not bad debts and other toxins from our bankrupt banking system. Maybe there is a lesson here, Maybe that Shit sandwich is the answer. We/technocrats recoil from the thought of eating the shit sandwich, but once we get used to the idea, maybe all will be well. Lets push the boat out this Sunday lunch time, lets give the Shit Sandwich a bite.....i don't think it will kill us.

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