Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Funeral On The High Street

This caught my eye, £99 for a cardboard coffin, reduced from £150. Order online now.

Have not spotted any user reviews as yet but I should imagine that it performs OK.

I have a lot of sympathy for funeral directors, funeral costs have doubled since 2000 from about 1200 to 2500 for a cremation, and its the man in black who at the front end gets the blame. The rise is down to councils upping the revenue stream.

Politicians are good at that, as with energy/fuel having been loaded up with added environmental costs and fuel duty, the bloke in the street can be trusted to give the companies their full fury with the Politicos keeping quite in the corner. And when they do workout its the politicos fault, pinning the right ones down councils,quango, Westminster or Brussels is never straight forward. Its all very convenient.

Something tells me the net is closing in on them. It will be hard for the pols to explain away the add on costs that have made retail such a disaster.

Less choice and higher prices will be our future.

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