Monday, 23 May 2011

Ryan Giggs Adulterous Little SHIT......RANT

So Giggsy Wiggsy has been porking Imogen Thomas (it must be true it was said in the court of court, *Parliament today)..*If only, thats probably the problem in a nutshell

And he is worried about chanting from the stands.... Oh and his wife and kids. Well he should have thought about that before he got his centre forward out for a little extra time with Imogen.

Personally speaking as someone who has been married for 25 years and would never dream of breaking my wedding vows. Some off us take the promises we make to one another pretty seriously, unlike the High Court, which is a shame seeing as they are the people charged with policing promises.

But what really F***ing upsets me is the cheating adulterous shit that Ryan Giggs is, is not the end of it, he wishes to curtail my right of free speech which seeing as I worshipped a true hero my Grandfather who went from Gold beach to Berlin fighting all the way to make sure that I could say what I wished to say...really! really! pisses me off.

So Ryan F**k the right off, and stay F***ed off forever, and I hope you lose big on Saturday and much bigger tonight sunshine...Little shits like you deserve to lose.

Shillings, Ryan Giggs, Mr Justice Tugendhat, and Eady....are a bunch a losers. Truth always wins.

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