Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Privacy Shoot Out.... France V England

Its a very interesting contrast between France and the UK with regards privacy the law and the public interest.

In France you can get away with, you rise up the ladder unbound by your private life able to act as you so think fit, thus someone like DSK, who's previous indiscretions would have been found out in the UK and thus would have excluded him from high office that he has attained, and the resulting damage such a scandal brings at a time of crisis.

In the Guardian Eady is quoted as saying ....pointedly observed that the way the Human Rights Act would work in practice is hardly a great surprise. He cited the former Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine, who told the peers at the time of the bill's passage through parliament in 1997 that "any privacy law developed by judges following the enactment would be a better law". LINK HERE

What a load of tosh based on a false premise, Marriage is a public contract, thats why the registrar turns up at the nuptials. And public contracts involve the public knowing that the contract is fulfilled and binding and enforced, kiss and tell stories serve the pubic good in that they report on the progress of said contracts. Weeding out liars and cheats is without doubt more than just a Sunday morning sport.

If the nameless one is concerned he is being black mailed then he should go to the police not gag the press

As for these insidious super gagging orders, what needs to be done is simple at a given time everyone who knows the names of these individuals should, blog, tweet, email, text, publish at the same time. I would like to see a few hundred thousand served with court papers by Carter Crooks and the court service.

Our learnerd friends are under a very grave misapprehension, we are not given rights, we take them.

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