Friday, 27 May 2011

A Good Month For the Good Guys

Osama, in his stained Pajamas. Side of head shot off.

Ratko Mladic, upteen years on the run but God had given him two strokes just for starters..caught

Ryan Giggs, family man, model professional ect.... Reputation down the toilet.
Along with his co-accused Shillings and Justice Eady....Truth, by mass civil disobedience....I will be rambling this weekend.

DSK, Loan shark in chief, like his hero Karl Marx having a little trouble with the housecleaners. All we need now is for his mates to stitch up a deal get back to France and become president. Why have one tax guzzling parasite shamed when we could have the entire French nation?

And lets not forget the quote of the decade from Euro Fanatic Jean-Claude Junker, (the PM of a town called Luxembourg) as his great project the Euro falls and his mate is banged up...: "I am very sad and upset. He is a friend of mine... Mr Strauss-Kahn is in the hands of American justice, it's not up to us to comment on this, but it makes me deeply, deeply sad.".......

And to top it all, Barry's wheels has trouble with the speed bumps and filled up at BP or how Baz puts it BRITISH PETROLUEM...How those Gulf licences going Barry?

Oh Yes I Forgot, Some Talentless Geordie Bird who no one understands went to America and they could not understand her either..and either Simon or Rupert fired her.

AND a few precious days to go.

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