Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Obama is a ditherer and he is certainly not decisive, and the mess that they are brewing at the White House goes to prove it.

Yes I do believe the US got their man, but from then on every statement and every decision has just been crass, not worthy of the men and women who have invested their time and put their lives on the line to get Osama

The Big question here has not been addressed, "why the delay?".

Lets get this right, they had a lead that went hot last August, 8 months ago, and gathered more intelligence that lead at the turn of the year to believe that a high value target, probably OBL was in the house.

This house for 8 months has probably been the most watched property in the world, the risks from OBL getting wind and moving on must have been high, so why four months to act?

Sorry there is nothing statesman like in any off this, yup they got their man, but luck has played a large part in it, Obama has made the exact same mistake he made in January in Egypt...dithering.

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