Monday, 30 May 2011

Blabbering With Blatter

I think we should add to the List, Blatter and FIFA who are dying on their feet.

The Problem with FIFA is simple to grasp, the minnows hold too much power. Blabber will do enough to keep them onside, and get re-elected, by delivering the World Cup to the minnows of Russia (a Ice Hockey country) and Qatar (a very mighty minnow, that can even get around the fact that no insurance company is going to insure multi million pound players to play in 55 degrees of heat) and lets not forget the minnows at the top. Blabber (an Ice Hockey administrator) and Jack Warner (from the hotbed of football..Trinidad)

The FA need to have the guts to put FIFA on notice that they intend to leave the organisation unless there is wholesale reform. Sponsors will not tolerate one of the big nations devaluing the product that is the FIFA World Cup. The way to reform is hitting FIFA in the pocket, which is the source of the problem.

Immediately the South American nations will want to save their world cup in Brazil.

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