Thursday, 12 May 2011

Barry the Hero

So Barry is on his way soon to the UK and Eire (no doubt to be told of his ancestry). I doubt there will be riots or demos that accompanied Dubyas trip.

After two years and most with a super majority to really make things happen, what has he done? He has wrote plenty of bogus cheques backed by plenty of bogus money...thats pretty much your lot.

Is this the mark of a leader or even a great leader, one that tells his people the truth and maps out a plan to get then if not to the shore, to shallower water? I doubt it. Its the mark of a stupid, calculating political opportunist who has not just neglected his duty of care, he would not know the word "responsibility" if it popped out of his stomach like the creature from Alien.

As the fed pumps more and more fake dollar bills out of the treasury, pumping world inflation of the worlds reserve currency (you know the one, the one they price Oil in) The slow motion train crash continues for all of us.

Stay at home Barry and get some work done. Get Nas around for a chat at the very least FFS!

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