Friday, 18 March 2011

War Declared

Firstly well done Dave, I will gladly eat my hat.... our leaders do seem to understand the importance of Libya and what is going on in the Middle East in general. I will drop my doomsday clock down to DEFCON 3.

Will it work? not in itself, but having licence to go much further helps a great deal. Do not discount MadGafs neighbours turning up to sort things out on the ground.

And its much more than flying around trying to see if the helicopter at 2000 feet is aid or hostile, this is war "all necessary measures"

Which poses a difficult question for those who view/viewed Iraq 2003 as illegal does it not? Thus if Saddam did not comply with the ceasefire agreement, and his continued violations lead to 688 and the establishment of the no fly zones, then regardless of the language you are technically at war, and what was being asked for in additional resolutions was no way needed.

Yes you can point to words, but the guiding principle matters much more.
If you are at war, then you do not need any authorization to stay at war. This all might seem a little academic, but if you take the alternative view then the Iraqi no fly zones where illegal and all of us participating in that action are war criminals. And thats an important issue for men and women who sign up and go to war, so think carefully.

Sorry could not resist.....

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