Wednesday, 9 March 2011

No Fly Zones? GM Foods are a Better Idea.

So here we go again, something must be done, this is something so lets do it.
If you want some sort of long term involvement in Libya and the complexity of the problems that will bring, then a No Fly Zone is the way ahead.

As a diplomatic tool to make Mad men think a full one second rather than just half a second before shoving dynamite up their citizenry's arse, then I suppose it has merit, from experience I spent three years trying to police Saddam from 12 thousand feet and it was a complete waste of time, and lead directly to the invasion. What was really shocking about that sorry episode is the apathy back home "its something, and we are doing it" sort of attitude. deja vu.

Lets face facts the "west" (note no capital) is a busted flush, Russia know this. And who benefits from the middle east going up in flames.......would that be Russia?, I wonder how they will be voting at the UN, my guess is they will spin it out as long as possible. Migs or Oil they win both ways.

Bam looks to the UN rather than formulating a proper military strategy that first can be used as a threat then as a material force. The EUro's look on acting like terriers keen to take on a pack wolves. Its a very serious problem for the EUro's, your very own Afghanistan 30 miles from Malta, AQ will be rubbing thier hands in glee.

Here is an idea, lets decide what is in our national interest and act within it, I am sure someone can switch the off switch on Geoffry Robinson just long enough to think careful about the questions that would pose.

What about international opinion? what about the Arab street? Its off no matter to the question, it would be nice if the Arab League would dispatch a force to sort things out, but they will not, neither will the African Union.

So what would I do, not that its going to happen. Well a self confident civilization which we are not, would gamble. A two thousand maybe less force, air cover and a snatch operation lasting one week straight into the heart of Tripoli should about do it. Walk in, and walk out with MadGaf and family and any other thugs we pick up in the time frame, if they fail, and I think we are talking more Grenada than Iraq they decamp to Malta and wait for Madgaf to sue for peace or face the treat of them coming back. The UN,and Russia can take a hike, China will be relived and shout a lot about something or other.

What the Libyans do after that is their business.

In the broader sense if you really want to help the Arabs, and there is good reason too in my opinion you need to firstly write to you MP and ask them to build nuclear power stations around every major city and conurbation, pebble bed ones IMO, firstly having a local referendum on the matter with the understanding that 7 years later their city will be decoupled from the national grid if they wish to leave it to the wind...well that is an issue for them to sort out.

Secondly, you need to write to your MEP (yes I know it turns my stomach too) and get all restrictions (bar rational/sane ones) on GM Foods lifted, so we can use less engergy growing more food amongst other great gains.

So get writing....I am off to the Orange Groves, there is something special about citrus in the spring time, a much more cultured smell than TNT, it makes you wish to lie down and gaze at the heavens.

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