Sunday, 27 March 2011

Home Sweet Home

After 5200 miles of driving, I arrive at my final destination.

A strange place, where Anarchists are for bigger government and the resulting Statism is just one of the anomalies of this once first world nation.

I was approached by a local young women with red hair and desert combat fatigues in the city centre, A student of design she informed me. "Would you like to sign my petition against the cuts" she said confident in my replay, "I will sign it if you can tell me how much your government borrows from the capitalist markets every week on your behalf" I asked.

"I have no idea, they should tax the bankers and the rich" she quipped back
"will that raise enough money?" I asked, "of course it will" she said. "So you must have some idea of how much the difference between government spending and revenue is, if you know that taxing of the rich will plug the gap and thus stop the cuts?"

"Is this some sort of exam" she asked, "No Ive been out of the country for some time and I am a little out of touch with things" I pleaded, "Nice tan" she observed......"and the figure is?" I nudged her. "I think its about 75 million, between that and a hundred million" she said, "well you must be knowledgeable going to university and reading the Guardian" I pointed to the floor where here bag was laying half open. "yes I am" she smiled back, as I flattered her. "where do I sign?"
She pointed to spot, I wrote Mr Magic Money Tree, In block capitals, She was startled. "The number is between 2750 millions and 3000 millions a week" I added. "F*** Off Tory Liar" was the replay.

As I walked back to my Car, a war in a far off place was being fought out on the street in front of the town hall, Locals mainly older than the waring immigrants looked on in bemusement, the younger locals either fat or dressed in track suits laughed in delight at the spectacle.

It cannot be that far in the future that some foreign power has to intervene and bomb the place back to its senses I thought to myself.

I did spot a swallow on the way home, so at least some things can be relayed upon.

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