Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Running Out Of Road

After about 1900 miles heading south the road starts to fade in and out of existence, as the desert sand creeps swirls around.

The road itself is pretty damn good, its the desert that's the problem. You could build a state of the art expressway if it was not for the the ruddy sand, If Malone wishes to contemplate fully objects and processes the place to do it is the Sahara desert.

And where you have roads you always seem to have people, be it west Africans heading north or Australians heading to Cape Town by road, or middle aged, middle class Brits on a their own Top Gear type challenge, fun running all the way to the Gambia. or indeed overgrown kite surfers like me, looking for the ultimate in waves and wind.

South of here the road runs out and the sand totally takes over and you have to straggle the desert and beach for 400k all the way down to West Africa, there seems to be plenty of guides to help you on your way, I might give it a go sometime, its just too tempting.

That the thing about us Humans we invariable wish to go that little bit further than we ought too, for no good reason other than the hell of it. From going to the moon to blowing up the world banking system, we just cant help ourselves.

What we are, is what we are.

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