Saturday, 5 February 2011

Life In The Wave

Another brilliant Documentary from David Malone.

He has a knack of taking very complex intellectual ideas and humanising them.
He did that brilliantly in "Dangerous Knowledge" by using the lives of mathematicians as a prism for explaining their work. And He uses the same formula here though much more subtly.

The subtext is his dying mother which adds his emotional journey to the ideas of process and objects, which must have been a very trying thing for him to do and even more harder to pull off, but he does brilliantly.

I think he is a genius film maker, and like all genius he flirts with madness in his life, which probably makes him able to do what he does best.

No better telly for a Saturday night, (20:00 on BBC Four) record it and watch it again and again, there is so many questions to try and answer within it you will be thinking about it for years to come in one way or another.

And the Cloud Appreciation Society guy makes an appearance, so 2 geniuses for the price of 1. enough said.

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