Tuesday, 1 February 2011

BBC Shuts Down

So its 4 in the afternoon and the biggest news story is obviously Egypt, but much closer to home there is also a very big story.

The last Government have been caught out lying on a big scale that will have huge implications for our relationship with the US Government and more importantly its people....And the BBC somehow cannot report it!

Thats beyond odd, its either the establishment covering themselves and/or blatant Bias towards the Labour Party. I suspect both.

They are no better than Russia today or Press TV, in fact in some ways both off them are better than the BBC at least they have a go at airing marginal and minority opinions.

Nice of the taxpayer to pay for advice by a government minister. Why did they not consult a barrister after all we have a free and open legal system, I am sure they would have got impartial advice. Or is that the point, HMG went out of their way to be helpful.

*Update, it seems BBC Scotland cannot hold back, I suppose the plan was to hold off as long as you can. Lets see if Newsnight go with it tonight, what's the odds?

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