Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Warda Hits Brissy.

I nearly become a little Aussie in 1969. My Mums best friend, and her cousin persuaded Mum that Australia looked like fun and it was only £10 and a six week boat trip, but she chickened out with only days to go, and the rest is history.

Out of 12 family members who made the trip only 2 came back to live in Blighty, which tells its own story. Its not the country that Brits think it is, barbie and sunshine, it can be a very difficult place to live. 90 degrees for three months and 70 degrees either side of that can make you go tropo. Just as we go nuts with excessive cloud and rain they go nuts with excessive sunshine.

Sydney strangely enough gets more rain than London, except when Sydney get it, it tends to be over in an hour or two. The last time I was in Brisbane I had some bad bruising on my forearm from the rain, and the last time I was in Perth I was trying to stay out of the hailstorm from hell. Then there are the Snakes and spiders killing your pets and maybe you. Months without clean fresh cold air, and all that moisturiser to keep you hands and face from drying out, Australia tests you, and that's where the Aussies get their stubbornness, determination and commitment to hard work from. I would not worry too much about them.

Most of the relatives in Brisbane are up on the Hills that surround the CBD (central business district) and seeing all this for a second time. The last time in 1974 they were still living what are basically prefabs and were evacuated and lost everything, which as they had only been in the country 5 years was not a lot, they were saving for a house which they got in 1976, the year I first visited them.

So anyone reading this from OZ and BrisVegas...good luck and next time don't build a shining city on a swamp you will only confuse the global warm-mongers.

Any bets as to who will be the first to declare Brisbane 2011 as a global warming event?

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