Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tory Jew

...or was it "your a Tory too"?

Looking through the comments on Harrys Place, and Porter's own view that he was subject to racial taunts, I would say the former.

Its an interesting turn of phrase, "Tory" has long been a word of insult and as such all modern meaning has also been lost. "Tory" is an Irish derived word from tóraidhe, (traitor/outlaw), a quick read of the Daily Moron and you are in no doubt that "Tories" are sub-human.

I suspect the word "Jew" might be also losing its proper meaning, and sadly will too be just another insult word. The left have always had a thing about Jewish Money Lenders as too large parts of Catholic Europe. Add this to anti-capitalism and you have a very potent mix, just listen to the way some of them spit out the term "neocon", what they would really like to say is "Jew".

Racism is always an ever present, it seems the Left have their problems too. And no I would not call myself a "Tory" not that I have a problem with the word, its just that "Toryism" and "socialism" seem to me to have too many shared areas of thought, the difference being their choices of elites.

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